Why East End Naturals?

East End Naturals was born out of personal experiences that we and others we know have had using CBD oils. 3 years ago I started using CBD oil after my sons brought some back from Colorado. In about a week I felt much healthier in general, had more energy, clarity, increased perception and was able to deal with stress and the related anxiety that results from it much more productively.


Then in the Fall of 2018 I decided to open the first of what will be 4-5 stores on Eastern Long Island and bring this amazing food supplement to the residents. Since then the response has been overwhelming. More important have been the success stories. Almost each day now, a customer will come through the door and after often admitting their initial skepticism will relate that taking the particular CBD oil we recommended for them has either eliminated or made their issue manageable and their quality of life much better. Ailments ranging from insomnia, pain, anxiety, stress, Parkinson’s, MS, menstrual cramps, migraines and even cancer have been treated successfully. This oil is a miracle and we are just beginning to learn about its seemingly unlimited powers.


The IMPORTANT thing to remember is that there are a lot of CBD products on the market which are “snake oil”.  You will not find that in East End Naturals. We carry the top 2 lines of CBD products rated by “High Times” magazine and the top CBD line in California.


Buying CBD is an educational experience, and all of us at East End Naturals use CBD and have had life changing health benefits occur as a result of using the correct oil and products.  Please stop in and discuss why you feel you need or want to try CBD. We will direct you to the right product, and if it doesn’t work you have our 100% guarantee. We will refund your full cost. However, to date, that has not ever happened.


Try CBD. It WILL change your life!


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