High Hemp Wraps – Bare Berry,Mango, Grape, Lemonade


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High Hemp wraps come pre-rolled in the shape of a cone around a High Hemp Eco Cardboard Tip. This takes care of the rolling for you and makes it so that it’s almost ready to use — all that’s left for you to do is pack it up, light it up, and enjoy! High Hemp Organic Wrap Cones are made with 100% natural hemp paper from sustainably grown European hemp imported from the Netherlands, with the smooth taste of traditional hemp rolling paper, but the even slow burn of a traditional tobacco wrap. High Hemp Organic Wrap Cones are certified organic, tobacco free, GMO-free, and gluten-free. These measures give these paper some of the highest purity ratings in the market today! High Hemp’s wraps have tested positive for low dosages of CBD, making their paper first of its kind! Now pre-rolled into an easy-to-use cone, great for beginners, great for those always on the go, and great for everyone who likes to take it easy. Two pre-rolled hemp wraps per package.

1 pouch – 2 pre-rolled wraps.

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