Nature’s Root Hemp Body Lotion 5.3fl oz


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A special blend of highly emollient and nourishing oils, our hemp body lotions leave the skin feeling velvety, supple, and hydrated. In addition, we have four beautifully crafted aroma blends that are in perfect sync with how you want to feel.
4 Blends (no CBD):
RELAXING – Ylang Ylang/ Juniper Blend
SOOTHING – Rosemary/Lavender Blend
ENERGIZING – Citrus Blend
2 Blends (w/CBD):
BALANCING 125 – Frankincense
REFRESHING 125 – Green Tea Blend
May Benefit:
• Highly absorbent
• Soften & balances skin
• Decreases scar damage
• Non-clogging
• Tightens and firms
• Decreases irritation & redness
• Super hydrating
Key Ingredients:
Non-GMO Hemp Seed Oil
Organic Aloe Vera
Organic Lavender & Rosemary | Ylang Ylang & Juniper | Sweet Orange | Unscented

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Unscented, Juniper, Lavender, Citrus

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