Wooden Incense Box


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This Wooden Incense burner box can be used to hold Incense Sticks and Incense Cones while they are burning.
Incense Sticks: Light the Incense Stick and insert into the holes located on the short side, inside of the Wooden Incense Box.
Incense Cones: Place the Incense Cones in the Cone holder and light the tip of the Incense Cone.
Incense Box lid can be closed or left open while the Incense Sticks/Incense Cone(s) are burning, With Incense Box lid closed, Incense smoke will waft through the cut-outs and fill the area with wonderful aroma.
Ash will collect inside the Incense Box which can be disposed safely.
Wooden Incense Box It can hold upto 2 Incense Sticks / 2 Incense Cones
Self containing Ash Holder
Incense Sticks storage compartment at the bottom.

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